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We offer bookkeeping services using Xero, the world’s leading cloud accounting software. Our core focus is on delivering quality, yet affordable ongoing service. Our goal is to provide you with the essential and up to date bookkeeping hence you have the financial information that you need to effectively manage your business affairs, without you needing to employ someone full-time or in-house.

With more than 14 years of accounting experience and our hands always on the pulse of technology we are confident to recommend Xero to our clients.

We have packages that will suite your business needs, whether you need our service monthly, weekly or even on a daily basis, we can handle it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online Bookkeeping Service?

The buzz about the so called “cloud” is huge, but we are a bunch of very analytical people, so before we took the step into this virtual wonderland we did our homework and researched for ourselves what is really behind the cloud’s shiny facade. What follows are the main, down-to-earth reasons why we joined the cloud movement:

  • Financial Benefits

    Cloud computing comes with a very low, predictable cost, making it affordable for every small to medium business. There are no long-term contracts or heavy upfront capital cost, you can see how you go and cancel at any time.

  • Increased Efficiency

    The moment you switch to cloud services you can say goodbye to software installs, updates, backups and all the time consuming troubleshooting that will undoubtly happen, often in the most unpleasent times. Using web-based software, that runs in your browser you simply log in and start to work. You can also work from any device that has a web browser: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android etc. You can fully focus on managing your business, not wasting hours every week for your IT infrastructure.

  • Stronger Collaboration

    Rather than sending files back and forth via email, where only one person can work on a file at a time, cloud computing allows you to store your files in one central location, where several people can make changes at the same time, even chat to each other at the same time.

  • High Security

    The fear of working with sensitive business data up in the cloud still holds many business owners back from taking the leap. Which is often simply because of a lack of information. Established cloud computing providers offer a 128 bit SSL encryption, the same security level that is used for internet banking. Data loss is also much more likely on your local servers than backing it up in the cloud, which is done all the time, without you having to think about it.

  • Become more flexible, agile

    With the cloud you get access to world-class capabilities, which enable innovation, giving you a competitve advantage over all the companies, that are just opertating with their own, non-sophisticated technology locally. You can implement applications much faster and add capacity on demand.

How does the online bookkeeping work with SITC?

Utilising the power of cloud computing, we will set you up if you are not using them currently, according to your business needs. We will send you spreadsheets that you can fill out for a smooth transition.

This setup is $350* once-off if you can fill out the spreadsheet otherwise if you need our additional assistance or on-site assistance or need additional historical information to be migrated, we will charge an additional cost of $50* per hour + transport.

Ongoing, you can choose your package depending on your support needs from us whether it would be a daily support, a weekly support or once a month support. There is absolutely no catch: you can stop anytime, because there is no contract. We believe in Value Creation for our clients. The minute you do not see any value and growth for your business using our cloud recommendations, you can stop anytime with no penalty.

* plus GST

Is my financial data safe being kept online?

If you are using online banking and are happy with it, then you will feel the same with doing your book online. If anything, your data is safer in the cloud than on your local machine. 128 bit SSL encryption, the same security level as internet banking plus countless additional high-end security standards will make sure your data is always in a safe place: learn more about Xero Security

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Say goodbye to software installs, updates, manual backups and the big price tag.
Welcome to the future of bookkeeping.


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